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Welcome to house terms!

 - All projects are personalized, exclusive and only sold once.

 - If a project is agreed a 50% deposit is to be paid upfront, and final versions will only be sent ( handover ) once the full payment has been made.

 - Final versions will include as standard all source files for all project deliverables, in both CMYK and RGB modes ( AI - EPS - PDF - JPG - PNG - SVG ).

 - Stated turnaround time refers to the average time needed to finalise a project and commence from the moment when the first proposal is presented and are subject to reasonable client accessibility in terms of review and approval. All agreed projects left UNATTENDED - at any stage - shall and will be considered as "APPROVED" after 14 consecutive calendarists days. No refund will be issued and no rights will be transferred.

 - Private contest can be arranged and will be protected via confidentiality agreements or NDA's.

 - All projects can be fast-tracked, subject to availability.

- I retain the right to publish and display the final results in my portfolios, websites, social media and exhibitions for and with the only purpose of recognizing creative excellence or professional advancement, and to be credited with the authorship of the results with such use. This will only be waivered if you wish the project to remain completely private.

 - All materials presented ( concepts/revisions ) that are not selected as final versions can be used by the designer as he wishes.
If the customer chooses to receive more than one option as a final project, an additional fee will be charged, which will not exceed the initial agreed project fee.

 - Any changes required over and above the estimated work, or in addition to the agreed scope, or where the client makes changes to the supplied copy or changes required to be carried out after acceptance of the draft design, will be liable to a separate fee.

  - Selecting ANY service shall and will constitute understanding, agreement and acceptance of these Terms.

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